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Thank you so much for the service you offer.
I had purchased your map service for the 2016 spring archery javalina season. The maps you provided had a lot of valuable information and made the job of finding javalina in such a vast area much easier.
I harvested a nice javalina ( see attached pic) within a few hundred yards of where you had an area marked on the map. Amazing! 
I would highly recommend your service and plan to use your scouting option for this upcoming 2018 January archery hunt for mule deer.
Thanks again,
Tim H




2010 December Coues Whitetail

Hi Jeff, I hunted numerous areas but was partial to B*****r Mtn.  
I shot this 97.5" buck south of B******r Mtn and accessed the area through *********   
Excellent hunt and I appreciate your help!

Desert Mule Deer - 2010




Late season Elk

late season bull elk


Hello Jeff,
I just wanted to thank you for your help. We found the three elk you had scouted and watched them for several hours on Wed and Thursday. Friday we were in place, but got screwed up by some other hunters. Nobody saw the big one that morning. He was impressive! I took this 5 point Friday late, and had to pack him out on Sat. morning. I am very happy with him, had a great time , thanks again.


Yuma, Arizona

Late season Elk


Hi guys:

Want to say "thanks" to all of you for your help in my first successful elk
hunt in Arizona's unit 4A.  As you all mentioned, there were plenty of elk
and it's a beautiful area to hunt.  We saw 4 decent bulls the first day and
4 more the second, all six points which were the only elk we saw.  I missed
a good bull on day 1 and another on day 2 (they sure run fast and this old
fart just isn't quick enough on the draw).  However, after walking the thick
stuff on the sides of the canyons and the bottom of the canyon itself we
found a very old fellow who was oblivious to our presence and I was able to
drop him.  He's a five by six and his teeth were worn down to the gums. 
Each experienced elk hunter we talked  and showed his teeth to once in town
exclaimed they'd never seen such an old timer.  The little muscle on his
frame became hamburger as I was not looking forward to chewing on him.  It
was doubtful he'd have made the winter.  We actually had a bit of snow which
reminded us of home!  70 degrees by mid-afternoon got us back into Arizona
mode though.

Packing meat up out of canyons to the vehicle seemed rather odd as we're
used to packing sheep meat downhill to camp.  Never encountered another
hunter although we did hear shots around the country.  Felt privileged to be
able to hunt like that as most of you mentioned that we'd probably bump into
other people. 

If any of you head up to the Yukon some day, please look me up.  I'd like to
show you around.

Kindest regards,


Yukon Territories


Cow Elk hunt

Thanks, Jeff.  I hunted this weekend and got an elk in unit ****.  Next time I'm getting a horse. 

The nearest road was 1.5 miles as the crow flies, and it took my hunting buddy and I about 30-hours to bone and carry the animal to the car.  Of course, I shot it about 6 in the evening-long, long night with a flashlight.  Next time I get a horse or a helicopter, or like everybody else, hunt near the roads.   

I hunted the areas I scouted first, and then ***.  Your areas were better than mine.  I've never heard so many bugle calls.  I'll recommend your service to my friends. 


Scottsdale, Arizona


Archery Javelina


Arizona Archery Javelina

Joey, from the JHO Crew, on the annual JHO / Desert Bull Archery Javelina hunt.


Rifle Elk

self guided elk


Just wanted to thank you for all the great info you gave me on my unit. All your information helped me bag my first elk! It was a hard hunt, but are persistence paid off. I saw several animals and many small bulls, but I wanted to wait on one of the ones I saw while scouting. I didn't get one of those, but I couldn't pass this one up being my first elk.


Thanks again,







Late Season Coues Deer

coues deer

coues deer


I think we spotted between 40 and 45 Deer during our hunt. About half were Bucks.

Three of those Bucks were very nice long tined 3x or better racks. Most of you Coues hunters would have shot at the distance we spotted them at.

I held my shot distance at 250 yards or less.

We also sighted Mt Lion, Pigs, Quail, Cardinals, Rabbits, Coyote, Eagle, Ringtail Cat?, Big Horn Ram, Osprey, and a ton of tweety birds.

Thanks again Amanda to the info on this site and the contacts I made for info and to Jeff Rogers of Desert Bull. He put us in'em.





Archery Antelope

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the excellent service you provide, I was successful at the 3B archery antelope hunt in just two days I consider myself (LUCKY) but luck is defined as "where skill and opportunity meet" and you guys put me right in the middle of several herds with quality bucks in full rut.

  Thanks again for a great hunt. 


John Fiehler



Unit 27 Spring Turkey

I just wanted to let you know that I would like to thank you for the excellent information.  I had a map with areas to look into for Unit 27 that you provided.  Your information put us in an area with plenty of Turkey activity.  The challenge was up to us and the Turkey's.  There were 3 hunters in my group and 2 of us were successful.  I happened to be one of them.  Here is a picture of the awesome gobbler that I harvested. 
Thanks again for making this a great hunt.
Mesa, Az


Archery Elk




Thanks for all your help. All of your info was right on! We all had a great hunt, excect for the pollen allergies!


Georgetown, Texas.


Archery Mule Deer


Read Brians story here




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