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Rutting Bull Elk

Photographs by John Peyton


Elk are the high profile species here in Arizona. Hunters from around the world come here every year in order to try and harvest a world class bull Elk.  

Elk populations have grown steadily over the past twenty years and one look at the record books will tell you that these Elk are not just your run of the mill animals. All of the major hunting magazines have ran articles in the last 5 years proclaiming that Arizona is the number one state for trophy Elk hunters. 

There is a down side to all of this however. In order hunt Elk in Arizona you must draw a tag. As you might expect, there is a high demand for these permits and you must be persistent in order to draw one.

The early season general bull hunts are the hardest to draw, followed by the early season muzzleloader hunts, early season archery, general season rifle, late season muzzleloader and late season archery. This is just a general consensus, drawing and success rates are different from year to year.

Starting in 2001, Arizona instituted a "Limited Opportunity" Elk hunt. What this means is that these hunts are in areas that typically do not contain a large population of Elk. If you think you are up to the challenge, there are some really nice Bulls to had in some of these areas. Some of the so called trophy units of today were once considered fringe areas also. 

The advantage to these hunts is that they offer better odds of drawing a tag. But the word is quickly spreading on these hunts, you better hurry! The key to success on these Elk hunts is scouting, scouting, and more scouting. The Elk in these fringe units are typically found in small pockets near some type of permanent water source.

Arizona Elk Country - Fall 2015


For those that just want to come to Arizona and experience a fantastic hunt and bring home a truck load of meat and great memories, there are cow Elk hunts that should be very easy to draw and have super high success rates. Cow Elk hunts are held through out the fall and winter for all weapons choices. Hunt and draw success is very high and non-residents are not subject to the ten percent rule.

If you need help with the application or advice on which units to apply for, enroll in our Licensing Service today. If you have your tag and need maps of areas that hold Elk your unit, or you would like have your units scouted by knowledgeable and experienced hunters, give Desert Bull Hunting Services a call or send an e-mail. We will be glad to help you plan your next great hunt.




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