Desert Bull Scouting and Map Services



Trail Cam picture - Coues Deer

For 2011, we will only offer ONE summer scouting package for Coues Whitetail or Mule Deer. We contract with one client for the whole summer and early fall and scout their unit for Coues Deer only.

We can recommend an area if you need us to, but it will not be revealed to you until payment is made in full

Below is the outline of what you will get with your Desert Bull Summer Scouting Package.



Summer Scouting Packages for 2011

Price for 2011 - $700

  •  Start in May - Finish in August, scouting the following units only. 22, 23, 33

  •  Digital Video & Photographs

  •  Both topographical AND road maps included

  •  Trail cameras used to monitor trails, water,etc. ALL SUMMER!

  •  Only ONE Coues Deer Hunter will be accepted for the Summer of 2010.

  •  Email updates throughout the summer to show you pics and give progress reports.

  •  Save thousands of $$$ over a guided hunt, yet have a thorough knowledge of the area to be hunted.