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Kaibab Mule Deer

photograph by Jason Schmidt

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Elk are not the only species in Arizona that grow to trophy size. Kaibab Mule Deer have long been the object of serious deer hunters. Although the population of trophy Mule deer on the Kaibab and the "Strip" are not what they once were, there are still some  wonderful bucks roaming that area of the state. 

Arizona Mule Deer that inhabit areas north of the Colorado River can be jaw dropping trophies!

Tags for these premier Mule Deer units are very hard to draw. With the drought we have experienced here in last few years, tags are getting even more tightly controlled. The good news is that Arizona has experienced one of it's best winters in the last 15 years. Tag numbers are up and the antler growth and overall health of the deer are the best in quite a while.

Archery hunters can still buy these deer tags over the counter for any unit that has an open archery deer season. 

There are good bucks in other parts of Arizona also. The desert units of south and central Arizona, give up some very impressive Desert Mule Deer every year to archers, muzzleloaders, and rifle hunters alike. Units that border Mexico are especially good for Desert Mule Deer. These tags are much easier to draw.

If an adult wants to hunt Desert Mule Deer with a gun, during the rut, they will have to use a muzzleloader. There is currently a December muzzleloader hunt in only a few select units.

There are some very good youth hunts that are sometimes held during the rut in mid to late December. Even these hunts seem to be shifting toward November, so you better hurry!


Psalms 42:1 As the deer pants for the water brooks, So my soul pants for Thee, O God.



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