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If you don't have a GPS or you are looking to upgrade your current model, we can combine our map or scouting services with a Garmin Legend GPS, pre-loaded with all of the coordinates.

No hunter today should be without a GPS, especially in the mountains and thick pine forest of northern Arizona. 

Today's GPS does so much more than keep you from getting lost. Finding your stand in the dark, marking downed game, plotting out trails on a map, etc. 

The GPS is becoming a tool for hunting that is almost dispensable. 

Here at Desert Bull we have combined our customized map service with a brand new Garmin GPS, software for uploading your routes and waypoints, and a very detailed report of all of the good hunting spots that we have plotted on the map and pre-loaded into your new GPS.

You can also add a GPS when booking a Desert Bull scouting trip. We will not take your new GPS out scouting with us. We use our own and exchange the waypoints when we return.

Also, as an added incentive, we will pay for all shipping charges when you purchase a GPS package or add one to your scouting trip. 


Here is what you get:

  1. A  New Garmin Etrex GPS.

  2. Our recommended areas pre-loaded into the GPS.

  3. One, two or Three customized map covering the coordinates that we loaded into the GPS.

  4. A typed report describing each of the points and recommended hunting strategies.





Garmin Etrex
GPS, maps, preloaded coordinates
$180.00 - $220
cable included
enter species and hunt dates in Paypal order form
Number of maps