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Desert Bull Hunting Services - Downloadable Hunt Unit Data

Jose used our Digital Download Service and got a nice bull on opening morning is a very tough unit.




Here is a new product we are excited about. Downloadable Hunt Unit Data. This is similar to our topo maps which have been very popular over the last 15 years, but with improved GPS and phone mapping technology are becoming obsolete. By downloading our data package you can directly upload all of the unit GPS data to your navigation device - phone or GPS.

INSTANTLY - No more waiting for maps in the mail (but we still have those too!)

With our paper maps, you get 4-7 spots with a written description and GPS coordinates that you must manually enter into your device. Plus, you have to wait for it to come in the mail.

With our new downloadable package, you get ALL of the waypoints we have for each Unit/Hunt and you get it instantly. You don't have to manually enter the waypoint data into your device or Google Earth

Each package contains 8-12 waypoints, Google Earth KML file and written description of each location.


Below are links to print your own maps.

CalTopo - CalTop allows you to upload the GPX or Google Earth File included with your Hunt Data Package and print the map with locations marked. FREE

National Geographic - Print Topo maps free




Here is what you get:

  1. A universal GPX file that will allow you to download the waypoints of our recommended areas directly to your phone or gps.

  2. A Google earth KML file. Load the KML file using Google Earth and all of the way points will be shown.

  3. A Written description of each location, tips on hunting the area etc.

  4. Printable JPEG topo map section of the waypoints


We are currently compiling and uploading our data packages. Here is a list of currently available packages for purchase. Check back regularly, as we are adding new units and hunts weekly. If you have a unit not listed email or text us and we will try to make it available as soon as possible.



Unit 5A Bull Elk

Unit 6A Cow Elk

Unit 6A Archery Bull Elk

Unit 7W Archery Bull Elk

Unit 8 Archery Bull Elk

Unit 1 Archery Bull Elk

Unit 3A/3C Late General Elk

Unit 7 East Late General Elk




Unit 36B Coues Whitetail

Unit 22 Coues Whitetail Deer

Unit 21 Mule Deer


Unit 37B Javelina

Unit 22 Javelina

Unit 23 Javelina





Too be added soon- If you have a unit you would like, text or email us and we will get downloaded to the store for purchase.

Unit 34A Coues Whitetail Deer

Unit 12 West Mule Deer

Unit 12 East Mule Deer

Unit 5B North Elk

Unit 4B Elk


This link will take you to our download store -  Desert Bull Hunting Services Downloadable Hunt Unit Data