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Glassing for bear in unit 27

Spring and Fall Bear Hunt

Spring and Fall Bear Scouting for 2018 is available

This year we will be offering a scouting package for spring and fall black bear hunts in units 22, 23, or 6A. Your choice. We can combine units 22 and 6A or units 22 and 23. Unit 23 offen closes the first week due to quotas being met so its good to have a backup unit for the 2nd week.

In the fall, the bears come down out of the thick chaparral and pine forest to feed on the ripe prickly pear fruit. This is a great time to find a large bear, if you can stand the heat. It can be very warm on these hunts and the bears are not normally out feeding much during daylight hours, but if you know where they are feeding, you can get on them at first and last light.

When there is a good pear crop and few acorns up high, the bear hunting can be fabulous down in the low desert.

When the acorns are in up higher, the bears will tend to stay up there and feed in the oaks. You can hunt the oaks too, but the glassing is a little harder. Calling works good in these areas.

You must be in great shape to hunt these remote areas that the bears feed in. You won't find them near a road, but if you willing to hike one or two ridges away from the roads, your chance at seeing a bear is good.

In the spring, we scout remote water holes. This is the best way to locate spring bears. The tend to stay in the remote and rugged canyons that have water close by. Spring bears do not move around as much searching for food, but because temperatures in early spring are very warm in AZ, they come to water frequently.


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arizona bear hunting


Each bear scout package includes the following

$800.00 for 6 weeks plus Trail Cameras for entire time.

6 weeks of on the ground scouting in your designated hunt unit. You do not pay for the drive time in your scouting package. We are very familiar with these units, so we won't be wasting your time scouting unproductive areas.

Minimum of 4 trail cameras at all times. We will check these cameras, placed around water holes (new rule says cams must be 440 yards from water) or know travel routes, once every 2-3 weeks. These photos will included in your report with exact GPS numbers of the location.

High quality photos of everything we document during your scouting trip. We will not always see trophy animals (or any animals for that matter) during our trips, but we will try our best to get you pictures of game. We will include pictures of the terrain in which you will find the game your after, trails, water holes, scrapes, rubs, etc. We will include the GPS coordinates of where each picture was taken from. 

You will get  e-mail and  phone correspondences. After you receive your scouting package, you may e-mail or call Desert Bull before your hunt starts to ask any question you like about your scouting trip or hunt unit.


Video -  EVERY scouting package will include a video on CD of your scouting trip. Everything we see during the trip will be documented on the video.

We will provide GPS coordinates that you can enter into your GPS or cross reference with your maps. These will generally include water holes, fence crossings, game trails, known bedding areas, feeding areas and locations of animals that were seen. 

You will receive at least one USGS topographic map of your scouted area. These will be marked to show you areas to concentrate on during your hunt. We will also mark the GPS coordinates that we have used during your trip. You will get as many maps as it takes to document the areas we covered. Generally there are 2-3 maps for this package..

The person that performed your scouting trip will include a type written journal describing your trip in detail. Topics will generally include weather conditions, game movement, game sighted, etc. We will also note any road closures, fires, and other items of interest.




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